Game making helps me grow as a designer.

When I'm not working on design projects, I'm creating and coding video games that help people better understand the world around them.

My games

  • SweetXheart

    Created in January 2019

    SweetXheart is a slice-of-life game about microagressions, race, and gender.

  • Breakup Squad

    Created in October 2016

    Breakup Squad is a fast and asymmetrical team-based game for five players. It was created as a part of NYU's 2016 No Quarter Exhibition.

  • SenseU

    Created in December 2015

    SenseU is a decision-based narrative game that teaches young adults about sex & positive body image.

  • Prism Shell

    Created in June 2015

    I created the art and designed the user experience for this Construct 2-based mobile game with simple tap-to-shoot mechanics.

  • SoulForm

    Created in November 2014

    I made this game for the IndieCade Leap Motion 3D Jam. The goal of the game was to reproduce the feeling I get while dancing to music.

  • Al the Chemist

    Created in April 2014

    I was in charge of the foreground art, web design & print design for Al the Chemist, a chemistry puzzle game.

  • Five Stages: a Cycle of Ruined Romances

    Created in January 2014

    Five Stages is a game about how the emotions you experience during times of loss can change the way you see the world. I was the lead developer and backup artist for this game.

  • TeleDoor

    Created in September 2013

    This game was created for the New York GameCraft, a 6-hour game jam. Our team consisted of two artists, a game designer, and a developer using Stencyl.

  • Train Jumper

    Created in March 2012

    Train jumper is a game in which you jump over various things to catch the train in time. It was shown in the Glorious Trainwrecks Pirate Kart V at GDC 2012.

Upcoming talks

  • 300th Episode Celebration!

    Revision Path – June 14, 2019

    Revision Path — the award-winning weekly interview podcast focused on showcasing Black designers, developers and digital creatives from all over the world — is bringing the show to New York City! Come out and join us for a live podcast recording as host Maurice Cherry moderates a panel with three esteemed designers (including myself)! Together, we'll all celebrate the show's 300th milestone with an evening of discussion, networking, and more.

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