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Hi! I’m Catt Small.

People are at the center of everything I do. Over the past + years, I've championed digital design at increasing scales, mentored and managed junior and senior designers, and collaborated to craft inclusive user experiences with agility and thoughtful consideration.

I work with designers and product development teams to gather insights, prioritize customer pains and opportunities, create an inspiring strategic vision, and bring ideas to life. In my spare time, I make games, write, speak publicly, and work to make the world a better place by organizing events across the tech and games industries.

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I lead teams of product designers to success.

I’m a participatory, goal-oriented designer who leads with compassion and transparency. Since 2016, I have managed and mentored designers in various capacities. Through my work as both a product design leader and workplace community organizer, I have learned to create inclusive working environments that increase both team cohesion and the achievement of business goals.

Recent design work

Here are quick highlights of what I've been up to lately:

  • Dropbox

    Designed in 2023–present

    I make the experience of using Dropbox products seamless through collaborations across the organization. Projects include a 40+ page redesign of a long-neglected experience that powers team growth and a coordinated rollout of cross-product onboarding modules to support overall paid user growth.

  • Miruni

    Designed in 2022

    Over four months, I led a small design squad and three co-founders to combine two pre-existing products into a new visual feedback tool that was better than the sum of its parts. By creating a strategic product vision, we both informed the tool's user experience and the company's long-term communications strategy.

Case studies

These are deeper dives into my design process.

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I also teach and organize communities in tech and gaming.

Since 2012, I’ve organized community events for creative technologists. My most successful community so far has been the Game Devs of Color Expo, an annual gaming festival with a 10,000+ person audience. I currently lead their communications committee and contribute largely to the nonprofit’s culture — I wrote the original code of conduct and regularly propose as well as implement operational changes that increase both efficiency and transparency around expectations.

Writing makes my thoughts permanent.

When I release something new, you can hear about it first by subscribing to my newsletter and RSS feed or following me on LinkedIn. I always post here before Medium.

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Upcoming talks

  • Moving from execution to strategy as a designer

    SmashingConf New York – October 8–10, 2024

    Designers often find themselves under pressure to create beautiful outputs rather than impact and outcomes. In this talk, Catt Small will share techniques to move herself from execution to a more strategic role over 14 years of in-house work at companies spanning various industries. You’ll learn to add perspective to subjects including product strategy, growth, and monetization — showing the value of design at every part of the product development process. Before you know it, you’ll be your PM’s best work friend!

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I also make games.

Since 2011, I have designed and built a variety of human-centered video games. My games have been shown in spaces around the world including IndieCade in Los Angeles, Fantastic Arcade in Austin, and the V&A Museum in London.

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Tools for self-improvement

Over my many years in design and technology, I have created a variety of free and low-cost tutorials, printable worksheets, and more.

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Want to talk?

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