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Hi! I’m Catt Small.

People are at the center of everything I do. I design user experiences that millions of people use every day. I also make games, write, teach, speak publicly, and work to make the world a better place by organizing events across the tech and games industries.


That’s how long I’ve been programming and designing. I grew up on the internet and began to code websites and games at the young age of 10.

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I am a product design expert.

Every day, I collaborate with product managers, user researchers, engineers, product marketing managers, and other designers. I create beautifully usable experiences by testing divergent ideas as quickly as possible.

Most recent design work

  • Etsy Payments

    Created in May 2017

    Etsy created a new payments service in order to make their purchase experience more trustworthy, seamless, and secure. I worked with a nimble team to make the announcement and user experience successful.

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I am a game developer.

Since 2011, I have made video games in my spare time. My games have been shown in spaces around the world including IndieCade in Los Angeles, Fantastic Arcade in Austin, and the V&A Museum in London.

Most recent game

  • SweetXheart

    Created in January 2019

    SweetXheart is a slice-of-life game about microagressions, race, and gender.

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Writing makes my thoughts permanent.

When I release something new, you can hear about it first by subscribing to my newsletter and RSS feed or following me on Twitter. I always post here before Medium.

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Tools for self-improvement

Over my many years in design and technology, I have created a variety of free and low-cost tutorials, printable worksheets, and more.

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Upcoming talks

  • Designing and Building an Emotionally Impactful Web Game

    Web Unleashed 2019 – September 13-14, 2019

    SweetXheart is a video game about race, gender, and microaggressions. It’s also a native JavaScript-based web game with a handmade dialogue system. In this talk, Catt discusses how she designed and built this extensive game over the span of five years using a JavaScript framework called Phaser and a dynamic data platform called Google Sheets. Attendees will leave the talk with an expanded idea of the potential of web-based software.

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