SoulForm is a game I created for the IndieCade Leap Motion 3D Jam. The goal of the game was to reproduce the feeling I get while dancing to music. The game took a bit over 1 month to design and build in my spare time. I began with a lot of sketching and research about elements people have used to visualize music and dance.

Once I had a general concept, I researched music color theory and created a visual design.

A quick mockup done in Illustrator.

I then jumped into code and focused on creating a positive, fun experience centered around playing music with hand movements.

A screenshot of the early prototype.

Once the music was working, I refined the interface.

The final interface.

SoulForm has been shown at several exhibits including the NYC Resistor 2015 Interactive Show and NYU School of Engineering’s Live Performance Studio Show.

Below is a video of me performing using the game:

I built this project using LeapJS and Phaser, a game development framework. You can see the code for this project on Github.

Play SoulForm