I help companies scale and achieve better outcomes for (and with) their customers.

I strive to make the world (and its wide web) a more inclusive, human place. My happy place is diving deep into challenging problems to find solutions that improve the lives of people around the world — especially the members of my extremely talented team 😎

Selected case studies

  • Asana Goals 2-year vision

    Created in December 2020

    After the Goals MVP was released, I led the design of a product vision that helped the team move from a short-term roadmap driven by feature requests to an opinionated, multi-year outlook.

  • Asana Goals

    Created in July 2020

    Over six months, I coordinated efforts across myself, five product and engineering squads, several other Senior+ Product Designers, and two Brand Designers to design and launch a new product area.

  • The new Etsy Stats

    Created in November 2019

    After the unsuccessful launch of Search Analytics, Etsy leadership invested more in our work the following year. This time, we were able to fully deliver on the promise to get Stats right.

  • Etsy Search Analytics

    Created in October 2018

    Etsy’s Stats are a critical part of the product for sellers. In 2017, I was tasked with an effort to make Stats more useful to sellers. This post will explain the process behind my first iteration.

  • Sales and coupons on Etsy

    Created in September 2017

    Etsy realized they were missing a huge opportunity to natively incorporate sales into the platform. This project was a massive undertaking that involved many departments across the company.

  • Etsy Payments

    Created in May 2017

    Etsy created a new payments service in order to make their purchase experience more trustworthy, seamless, and secure. I worked with a nimble team to make the announcement and user experience successful.

  • SoundCloud Go purchase experience

    Created in March 2016

    The subscriptions team put me in charge of creating the architecture for the payment experience and designing the checkout experience on web and Android.

  • SoundCloud Google Cast Receiver

    Created in August 2015

    I volunteered to design SoundCloud's Google Cast receiver app after a coworker built a prototype. The result is a feature many people love.

Upcoming talks

  • Finding Meaning In Design When Nothing Is Fine

    FITC 2023 – April 17-18, 2023

    We’re all aware: working while under duress is terrible! Especially as a designer. People often talk about design as a superpower because you can illustrate the future—and it often is quite magical. But when your skillset doesn’t feel immediately relevant to your survival, the magic evaporates. In this very personal and relatable talk, I will share my experience with navigating hard times and experiencing a career block. Attendees will learn techniques for overcoming the malaise and building a guided, sustainable design career.

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