The world wide web is my domain of choice.

I love turning challenging information problems into usable experiences.

My process is iterative.

  • Research

    User-centered research must be done before ideation. During this stage, I use learnings from interviews and competitive analysis to define a target audience, goals, and the overall design direction.

  • Ideate

    Whether alone or with a team, I create as many solutions as possible. Using research, I validate and refine those ideas. Once the ideas are refined, I either create mockups or prototype the design in code.

  • Learn

    If a prototype can convey the design solution's intent, users can test it. I evaluate test results and iterate until launch. Post-launch A/B tests and analytics determine further refinement needs.

Design portfolio

  • Etsy Stats (2019 version)

    Created in November 2019

    After the unsuccessful launch of Search Analytics, Etsy leadership invested more in our work the following year. This time, we were able to fully deliver on the promise to get Stats right.

  • Etsy Search Analytics

    Created in October 2018

    Etsy’s Stats are a critical part of the product for sellers. In 2017, I was tasked with an effort to make Stats more useful to sellers. This post will explain the process behind my first iteration.

  • Sales and coupons on Etsy

    Created in September 2017

    Etsy realized they were missing a huge opportunity to natively incorporate sales into the platform. This project was a massive undertaking that involved many departments across the company.

  • Etsy Payments

    Created in May 2017

    Etsy created a new payments service in order to make their purchase experience more trustworthy, seamless, and secure. I worked with a nimble team to make the announcement and user experience successful.

  • SoundCloud Go purchase experience

    Created in March 2016

    The subscriptions team put me in charge of creating the architecture for the payment experience and designing the checkout experience on web and Android.

  • SoundCloud Google Cast Receiver

    Created in August 2015

    I volunteered to design SoundCloud's Google Cast receiver app after a coworker built a prototype. The result is a feature many people love.

  • Boxxspring

    Created in April 2014

    I was the UX Designer and Developer for Boxxspring, Bedrocket's proprietary content management system. In addition to creating wireframes and sitemaps, I also conducted usability tests and design studios to ensure that the product was as useful as possible.

  • NASDAQ OMX WorkSpace

    Created in May 2013

    I designed a cohesive experience and led many usability tests to make sure NASDAQ's new virtual data room aligned with the needs of its future users. I worked hand-in-hand with the development team to bring the product to life.

Upcoming talks

  • Like a phoenix: becoming a more resilient designer

    UXFest – June 2021

    A digital product designer's story of failure, self-empowerment, and redemption. Over the span of two years, Catt Small experienced the highs and lows of product development—all on the same team. She will share ways to improve your persuasion skills, create a better working relationship with your peers, conduct more holistic research, and ultimately create and release a better product.

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