Love my work? Send some joy my way and let me know.

I love writing and sharing tips, but it's time-intensive and takes a lot of effort. This kind of labor is not cheap. As a strong believer in being compensated for one's services, I decided to create this list of ways you can support my work.

Ways to support my work

  • Money

    I gladly accept donations via Patreon (monthly), PayPal (one-time), or Square Cash (one-time). I also sell zines and digital things you can buy on Amazon, Gumroad,, and Etsy!

  • Presents

    If you're the object-gifting type, I have an Amazon Wishlist. I normally just use this to keep track of things I want to buy in the future. I figured I'd try linking it in case people are into that.

  • Sharing

    Don't want to share money or a gift? That's cool, too! Social capital is real. Consider sharing my work on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. A little post on your profile can go a long way.

Patron shout-outs

Patreon supporters, I appreciate you so much. You inspire me to continue working on my strange games and culture-focused writing. Special thanks to my $5+ patrons: Adekunle Oduye, Adelle Lin, Anna, Ariel Cotton, Arleya Ashburn, Benjamin Red, Brian Carr, Cate Huston, Heather O'Neill, InVision, Jacky Alciné, Karen Rivera, Line Hollis, Mina Markham, Nina, Patricia Cooper-Small, Revision Path, Samuel, Soha, Starcat, Steven Ritchie, Terence Tolman, and Tom for your support!

Thank you! ♥