Love my work? Send some joy my way and let me know.

I love writing and sharing tips, but it's time-intensive and takes a lot of effort. This kind of labor is not cheap. As a strong believer in being compensated for one's services, I decided to create this list of ways you can support my work.

Ways to support my work

  • Money

    I gladly accept donations via Patreon (monthly), PayPal (one-time), or Square Cash (one-time). I also sell zines and digital things you can buy on Amazon, Gumroad,, and Etsy!

  • Presents

    If you're the object-gifting type, I have an Amazon Wishlist. I normally just use this to keep track of things I want to buy in the future. I figured I'd try linking it in case people are into that.

  • Sharing

    Don't want to share money or a gift? That's cool, too! Social capital is real. Consider sharing my work on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. A little post on your profile can go a long way.

Patron shout-outs

Patreon supporters, I appreciate you so much. You inspire me to continue working on my strange games and culture-focused writing. Special thanks to my $5+ patrons: Adekunle Oduye, Adelle Lin, Anna, Ariel Cotton, Arleya Ashburn, Benjamin Red, Brian Carr, Cate Huston, Heather O'Neill, InVision, jackyalcine, Karen Rivera, Line Hollis, Mina Markham, Mom, Revision Path, Sabrina Hall, Samuel, Soha, Starcat, Steven Ritchie, Tom, and uzoma for your support!

Thank you! ♥