Let's talk about coffee meetings.

As I spoke publicly and grew in my field, I began to receive more and more requests to grab coffee, tea, lunch, or dinner and share advice. I love meeting and helping people, but there are only so many hours in a day. I'm now more selective regarding how and with whom I spend my time.

How I prioritize requests

These are the questions I ask. Use them to assess the likelihood of us meeting.

If your answers line up well, send me a meeting request on Merit as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!


Chances of meeting not looking so good? You're not out of luck. I may have blogged about the topic you're looking to discuss.

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If none of those are relevant, consider asking about your topic within an online space such as Merit, Quora, UX Stack Exchange, Designer News, or The Independent Gaming Source Forums. Thank you! ♥