The pandemic has helped all of us gain a newfound perspective on our personal and professional lives. Simply put, the world changed and so did many of us. Instead of succumbing to societal pressures, people are opting out of hustle culture by searching for more sustainable ways of working. The Great Resignation has shown that it’s not about just being employed, but rather being intentional about what you want and why. That way you can land somewhere that makes sense for your employer, and for you.

But how do you navigate the endless sea of companies bombarding you with all the perks they offer and reasons you should join their team? Now, more than ever, we must look past the virtual team-building activities and swag to focus on what’s needed in a job to be both satisfied and properly compensated. Gaining clarity on what you want to contribute to the world and why will allow you to be more intentional about seeking out employers that value the same things.

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