Happy new year, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying it so far!

I’ve been getting back into the swing of school and catching up on all my projects.  One of these projects is obviously this website! I’ve updated the web design section as well as the graphic design one. The Shop link also finally works! HOORAY! I’ve been changing the way the store looks and hope to update it again soon.  There’s so much work I have to do and not enough time to finish everything I’d like to finish.  I’m graduating in early May, which means I have to start thinking of where I will work next if NASDAQ doesn’t keep me.  I’d love to keep working there as a Graphic/Web Design Intern, but it’s up to them.

Luckily, in preparation for possible loads of freelancing, I bought an iMac!  

It’s an amazing piece of hardware.  I partitioned it and put Windows XP on it, which works like a charm.  It’s also an AMAZING gaming computer. A very lovely genius bought me Borderlands and some other games, all of which wouldn’t run on my 5-year-old Macbook due to old graphics hardware. Luckily, the iMac was purchased around the same time, so I’m now able to play as much as I want. I’m totally glad it’s here.  I greatly recommend getting an iMac if you’re a graphic designer/gamer like moi.

We also got a new printer in – the Epson Artisan 835.  I have to buy pretty paper for it to really become wonderful, but it prints wirelessly and that in itself IS AWESOME! It’s pretty cheap on Amazon, and you can also buy discounted paper for a TOTALLY AWESOME DEAL! This year is already TOTALLY AWESOME!

Of course, I always update my Tumblr, Q, and my twitter (as you can see in the speech bubble), so CHECK ‘EM OUT!

I’m gonna go attempt to do some homework now, so I hope all of you are doing lovely!

‘Til next time!

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