Hello, fine internet. How are you?

I’m doing great. As you can see, the new site design is up and things are working pretty well. I’m QA-ing the site all the time to make sure everything works in multiple browsers and OSes. QA is a daunting task, but is definitely worth it. The 100 times you spend checking every page assures that the thousands of by-chance viewers see nothing but beauty.

I’m thinking of more ways to make this site interactive, especially with the gallery. Evernote has been my best tool for keeping all of my website ideas organized and visible. I always sketch out my ideas before implementation as well to hash them out before spending an hour or more putting it into place.

In other news, I may be moving soon. Therefore, an interior design post is definitely in order. I’m a bit picky when it comes to real estate; I pay a lot of attention to the amount of love put into construction. Like a piece of graphic design, small details and attention to every crevace of the work matter most. When I see broken outlets or misaligned switches, I know that the apartment was poorly constructed. Places like those are also likely to have poor caulking.

I also managed to get another job & freelance client right after graduation (yay!). I am now working 2 part-time design jobs and freelancing on the side. This enables me to afford a nice apartment (though I have definitely fallen in love with tiny apartments).

Well, that’s all for now!

I need to make a new comic.

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