It’s been a year, and my style has vastly improved. Because of this, expect a style change soon. I am graduating next month and will have one extra day to myself (plus a lot of free time normally spent doing homework!). I’m very excited.

I will soon have a PDF of my portfolio online thanks to Issuu. So far, my portfolio looks great and I feel like I have done well with it. I need to buy paper for the cover, but the inside is mostly finished. In total, it’s 82 pages. I wasn’t expecting to feature so much work, but I found that I liked enough of my old projects to put them in as well.

There are still a few photos I need to shoot, which I will take tomorrow. I mostly laid out the book in inDesign and didn’t need much photography thanks to the large amount of digital projects I’ve taken on. Of course, most of the digital projects were done outside of school, which made me feel amazing.

Besides graduation, Quantum Box seems to be working up a storm. 2011 seems to be a great year for the group, and I’m glad to be a part of it. Instead of idling, most of us are finally graduating and therefore able to put real effort into progression.

I will probably be blogging a lot more since my brain will be freed of thoughts about homework. After my website is redone, I will work on becoming a better blogger!

Until next time, internet!

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