Hello internet! It’s been two months and I’ve decided to update you on my very busy life.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of stuff and haven’t been visiting you. For example, I went to a La Roux concert last week. IT WAS AMAZING. I love La Roux because of their musical influences. Their songs have an 8-bit-synth feel with a bit of English choir mixed in. Elly Jackson sounds just as good live and the rest of the band is great too! Apparently the show I went to was the last one on their two-year tour! It’s nice that they’ll finally get to go home.  The tickets only cost $20-$25 and the show was packed. There was even a Snookie sighting.

Next on my list of concerts are Calvin Harris, Blink 182 (SAY NOTHING ABOUT THIS), and… I don’t know yet.

Besides concert, I’ve been playing old Sonic games on my NEW TOTALLY AWESOME PHONE, the G2. Yes, it’s been two years since I first held my G1 in my texting-ready fingers, and it was dying quickly. It took 2 bloated, shorting batteries along with it. The G2 is an amazing upgrade and lasts up to FOUR TIMES as long as the G1 battery. Sometimes it will last for 2 days (if it’s a very quiet day and I’m not chatting to death).

So far I’ve bought Gensoid and Gearoid and have been replaying Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, and Sonic 1. The Game Gear versions are a lot more challenging, but the Genesis versions have better music, graphics, and story. I definitely recommend going back and playing old games if you have an Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, or even just a PC or Mac. I’ve also been playing League of Legends (PC, Mac version coming later) a lot when I have time. My summoner name is cattz0rs if you want to add me and play. I’m only level 10 right now, so don’t expect me to have massively awesome runes etc.

I also looked at Skype Beta 5 for Mac the other day. It’s insanely different from the regular Skype 2 for Mac. So far I like it, but the real reason I bought it was for the 10-person video chatting

I also did some neat work stuff, such as assistance with creating their pretty new page here. I will also be helping to create a new one soon. Add this and all of my schoolwork which I have yet to put up, and you have a busy Cattz0rs.

I do always remember to post at my Tumblr, Q, so if you have time, stop on by and enjoy some comics and other randomness.

Until next time, much hugs and kisses anons! And yes, I did just make those emojis.


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