Even in a normal economy, looking for an internship can be really tough.  Over the past month, I think I’ve sent out nearly 20 resumes and only gotten a response from one company.  That company turned out to be almost 2 hours away by train, so I had to politely decline.  Sad.

I found a pretty cool site the other day, One Day, One Internship.  I think it’s nice that they take their time out to research internships in different states for students and those looking for entry-level stuff.  They also have a website for regular jobs.  How sweet!

I have a lot of things, such as new sketches and a billion comics, but I’ve been kinda busy, not to mention the whole snow day thing and my need to be in it.

A website I finished work on has gotten loads of good reviews:

“The company’s website is awesome!!”

“Not sure if you received this yet but the site is quite impressive. ”

“In case I didn’t mention it before, this new website is definitely something to be proud of.  Simply fab!”

I’m so glad people enjoyed the website.  The best part of being a designer is making people happy and seeing a satisfied look upon their faces.  Click here to see a demo of the site.

I guess that’s all for now! ♥

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