Recently, life has been a tad complicated, and music has helped me stay awake and get through it.  My friend also constantly insulted my musical taste (ironically, he has NO idea what I listen to), so I was determined to expand my musical palate.  I have a 32 gig MP3 player to fill, and I previously only had about 10GB of music. Compared to most people, that’s not a lot at all!  So, I decided to look for more music I like.  Coincidentally, Scott Pilgrim came out around the same time, which made my search a little easier.  My two favorite songs, by far, are “Scott Pilgrim” by Plumtree and “Black Sheep” by Metric.

Scott Pilgrim

Black Sheep

There are two versions of Black Sheep- one is the original, and there is a second version that you hear during the movie.  I personally like the original and will be spamming my favorite karaoke spot until they add the song.

Besides movie soundtracks, I also found this song by MSTRKRFT interesting.  Thanks to John Legend for making it sound ultra-awesome.


That’s not the official video, it’s a game called Audiosurf.

AND DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON CALVIN HARRIS. He is hilariously awesome. I love him.

You Used to Hold Me

Besides these four songs, I also found a site called Stereogum that will help me keep track of bands and musicians that appeal to me.  It’s a pretty cool place that also features new track releases and free downloads.

Next, I’ll have to once again refine my fashion sense and find my way to some concerts.