This was a proposal designed for the NYC Reinvent Payphones contest.

To keep costs low, the frame from currently existing payphones as well as old parts and scrap metal would be used. I designed the payphone screens based on the Android operating system, a free smartphone & tablet OS that can be modified for many purposes.

To assist the blind, there would be braille instructions & headphone jacks on each payphone. The PIN pad could double as a way to dial phone numbers. Most of the important functions are closer to the bottom of the screen so that people of all ages and abilities could use the interface.

Each payphone station would be equipped with wi-fi.

The payphone would offer the ability to call 911 or 311 in 2 taps of the screen.

People would be able use other features while charging, and payphones could charge up to 2 phones.

Local businesses could advertise via space on the bottom of each screen or the map. Directions and coupons could be printed from the map section to help users find local businesses.