Advice for New UX Designers

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I was recently contacted by a young person who’s trying to figure out their career path. The conversation started about games, but soon transitioned to the topic of user experience. After about the question about UX, I thought it might be good to share my answers online. Here’s the advice I gave to this potential UXer: What is your normal day like in this role? Every day is different. You can read about what a UX designer does here since it’s kind of complicated. Do you have to stay in the office late? No, my creativity dies if I stay in the office longer than 8 hours. This is great since it allows me to work on games or anything… Read More

Using AngularJS, SCSS and Twitter Bootstrap to rapidly prototype user experiences (Part 1)

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AngularJS, commonly referred to as Angular, is a very powerful framework that allows you to create web apps using static HTML templates. Angular allows you to choose what appears on the screen depending on different conditions. Due to its dynamic nature and ease-of-use, Angular can be seen as a replacement for traditional wireframing software. It also helps you to understand data structures and better communicate with developers, which will make you a more well-rounded designer. In this tutorial, I will share the way I rapidly prototype using Angular, SCSS, and the Twitter Bootstrap framework. You can view/fork the project on GitHub and follow along OR build it from scratch using the instructions given throughout the post. I hope that you… Read More

What’s wrong with Google’s new Hangouts app?

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Last week at Google I/O, a new app called Hangouts was released. It was the long-needed conglomeration of Google Talk and Google+ everyone expected long ago, it’s available across devices, and it looks great. But underneath that initial sheen, problems have started to appear — there are several inconsistencies across the Hangouts apps. Online/offline status problems The hangouts app shows who’s online on the web and Chrome apps, but not on the iPad or Android ones. Displaying online users is a pretty crucial function, as it determines who people attempt to talk to and who they ignore. It makes Hangouts less of an instant messaging app and more of a service similar to email or Twitter DMs, which definitely wasn’t the purpose… Read More

Moving Out: Maximize the Space in Your First Apartment

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Hello, dear internet! I’m back again after a lengthy amount of business! I’ve been occupied with work and other projects such as designing sprites for a game that should be out early next year. I have also been taking on website design work when possible. I’m always open to new projects, so if you need a new website designed and/or coded, feel free to contact me! I also moved to a new apartment last week! It’s very small, but fits within my budget and provides me with a great challenge: how do I fill 275 sq ft of space without feeling cramped? I decided to go with red, white, and black as my theme. Incidentally, the very Swiss, incredibly popular designer… Read More

Silkscreening & Work Update, New T-Mobile Phone Speculation!

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I’ve been very busy as of late with my NASDAQ internship and summer classes.  I’ve been learning how to silkscreen.  If you’re curious about the process, head over to YouTube and pick one of the billion silkscreening tuts. Last week I made my first set of books in class.  The joy of silkscreening is that you can mass-produce your own art.  I made a set of 8 accordion books.  I only needed one, but decided to make more for the heck of it.  No idea what to do with the other 7, though…  Maybe someone is interested in buying one? Here’s what they look like: The front cover First page The inside I loved making them and will be making… Read More

Updating the site!

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OH SHOOT. I’m updating the site, so the gallery is in crazy mode right now.  What do you think? any suggestions? Let me know! I made the new theme using several new things, including the now infamous border-radius and box-shadow CSS selectors.  For more info on those, go to! Wonderful place.  I learn so much on there. CSS3 is amazing.  If you google it, you’ll see things about new things like animations and transforms.  CRAZY STUFF.  Sadly, most of it only works on Safari’s webkit browser. Hope you’re enjoying the much-needed change! Also, the VAL typeface is a free font.  I believe it’s on Squirrel-fonts and several other sites.  It’s quite pretty. PEACE!

Make the Best Business Card Design

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At my new job, I’ve encountered hundreds of business cards.  I work with a card scanner to enter data into a gigantic database.  I’ve noticed that some cards are much easier to work with than others.  Here are some tips to make your business card great. 1) Make your margin at least ¼ inch wide in each direction. I’ve scanned several cards, only to find that the words were cut off because the margins were too small. 2) Use a clear, thick sans-serif font. If you don’t, your cards become illegible by humans and machines alike.  The less manual entry, the better.  Use strong faces, not thin types that can be easily misread. 3) Write out your company name Don’t… Read More

Alice in Wonderland + Computer Upgrade + Design Books! Catt’s Life Update.

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Hello, fine people!  How have you all been? I’ve been gone for a month or so, but I haven’t been slacking on anything besides homework.  I’ve been working, living, and I even managed to upgrade my MacBook.  I was thinking about buying a new one, but I honestly don’t like the color or the battery of the unibody aluminum MacBooks.  So, I decided to buy a 650GB hard drive and 2GB of ram and upgrade the system myself. It was actually pretty easy.  I did run into a problem replacing the hard drive, though. This is a Torx screw.  You encounter these when you try to replace a hard drive.  I had never seen one before this, and didn’t have… Read More

Global Game Jam, Puppies, and New Subway Art!

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The Global Game Jam is nearly over in many parts of the world, but it will surely not be forgotten.  If you’re wondering what it is, then check out their website.  The basic rules of GGJ are to make a game in 48 hours.  The game will be judged and the creators of the best game will get it published.  Most people enter for the sake of hilarity; there are honorable mentions and recognition for games with hilarious titles and the like. My friend Señor Arturo participated in the NYU group, while my friend Dave was in the FullSail group.  Sadly, Señor Arturo didn’t have up a puppycam, but Dave’s group did. You don’t know about PUPPYCAM?! HOW DARE YOU! In… Read More

Old Posts!

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I’m adding old posts to archive things. Hi! I’ve been really busy with work and school prep, so I haven’t had much time to update this site! If you didn’t know, I own my own shop. Click the shop button to go to it! Or click this here sentence ♥ *In the next few weeks I’ll be adding more of my arts!* If there is not framey awesomeness, CLICK HERE. In other news, Gossip Girl is on. Weird show. Why do people call it that bad? It’s actually pretty interesting. I read a few of the books and parts are completely different, but they’re interesting changes. It’s good to have changes. Gossip Girl finished. I don’t watch One Tree Hill…… Read More

Post One!

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Welcome to the CATT Suite, where I put up stuff and junk. I’ve been sooo busy lately! It’s so tiring doing all this work. I have so much to do. Here’s a list: *Grandpa’s site *My own site *2 different people’s website *My job, fixing HTML and stuff *Friends & family *Find an apartment *Plan trip to Japan! *Design t-shirts for sale here *My other blog located here I have a question about salary/ hourly work. How much should one charge for freelance graphic design work? I was thinking of charging between $15 and $30 because I’m still in college…?