My name is Catt Small and I specialize in UX Design, Visual Design, and Development.

I not only design stunning, usable products but also work directly with agile development teams to bring designs to life. I have years of experience with making data-informed design decisions in addition to rapid prototyping in various programming languages and frameworks. I’m a curious person who never stops learning, and will therefore become even more invaluable as time goes on.

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My career goals (and how I keep track of them)

Posted on in Blog, Updates

People ask me how I keep track of time and make sure I’m going in a good direction while navigating through the hot mess that is life. My secret is pretty simple: I write lists. Since 2009, I’ve been keeping bulleted lists of what I consider to be important goals. These lists are split into months and separated by years. Each year, I look back at the previous years and see what I’ve accomplished. Some things, like a few cosplay ideas, are still not crossed-out. Some things, like going to France and speaking at conferences I agreed to, are. These annual lists help me to keep track of time, prioritize goals, and stay focused while also enjoying my life. Lists… Read More

Life Update: May 2014 Edition

Posted on in Blog, Updates

Hey y’all, it’s been a while since I wrote my last update. A lot has been has happened in the past few months — it’s kind of hard to believe how much I’ve managed to do in so little time. I think having so much to do feels natural to me now. The only reason I’m not losing my mind is because I have a calendar and to-do list that help me keep track of things. However, because of my introverted nature, I’ve found myself hibernating more than I used to. We’ll see how long I can keep things going, but I’m definitely planning on slowing down by the fall. Anyway, onto the monstrous list of things I’ve been doing!… Read More

Advice for New UX Designers

Posted on in Advice, Tips & Tricks, Art, Design, & Development, Web/UX Design & Development

I was recently contacted by a young person who’s trying to figure out their career path. The conversation started about games, but soon transitioned to the topic of user experience. After about the question about UX, I thought it might be good to share my answers online. Here’s the advice I gave to this potential UXer: What is your normal day like in this role? Every day is different. You can read about what a UX designer does here since it’s kind of complicated. Do you have to stay in the office late? No, my creativity dies if I stay in the office longer than 8 hours. This is great since it allows me to work on games or anything… Read More